Fashion Sense

A clothier in Stormwind

The capital cities of the Alliance are well-stocked with fashion supplies

by Malandrae Moonwhisper

Hello everyone! When Miss Chelody told me about this paper that the Order publishes, I just had to read some of the wonderful articles in it! After seeing everything that the fantastic writers have contributed, I realized that there is something crucial that has not been covered in the paper yet, and I had to write something down. That topic is of course, fashion.

Fashion you say? Why would you care about fashion when there are dragons and demons and cultists trying to destroy the world? WELL, let me tell you why! If there is one thing that makes all of these evils demons and people that are trying to destroy us all have something in common, what would it be? They’re pretty scary looking, that’s what! That’s because they have absolutely NO fashion sense!

Why should this matter to you? I confess that I have only been wandering the world for a short period of time, but if there is one thing I have seen time and time again, it is adventurers wearing armor that is so horrible looking, so poorly matched and maintained, that I was not sure whose side they were on! You don’t want to get accidentally axed by your friends because they think you are an undead thing do you? No, you don’t, and that’s why fashion should be your number one concern when venturing out into the world! Continue reading