Living in Darnassus

Darnassus Cityscape

Wish you were here...

by Betria Eilyn Tallrock

While I was still living with my family and learning the basics of tinkering in Kharanos, back before the Dark Portal was reopened, Ironforge was the capital of the Alliance, as far as adventurers were concerned. Obviously, I wasn’t an adventurer at the time, but seeing so many people of different races flocking to the seat of our kingdom made me proud of being a dwarf. Eventually, adventurers started flocking to Stormwind instead, and I started paying attention to what people look for in a city. I found out there are many things that make certain towns popular with adventurers, but there are a few things that seem to draw the most attention:

Location: how easy it is to get to and from places of interest, by road, sea, magical transportation or gryphon routes. It’s very simple, really.

Services: forges, blacksmiths, workshops, training areas, inns, general and specialized stores and so on. Those are all highly valued by adventurers, and we’re known as an impatient bunch. So a town that has can provide all those things without forcing us to walk or ride all the way across town is sure to be popular.

Economy: heroes and mercenaries alike tend to gather very impressive curios and souvenirs in their journeys all across Azeroth and beyond, not to mention sometimes frankly ridiculous amounts of metal ingots, exotic plants and hides. While some of us keep those for personal use, many sell them for profit, injecting important materials into the general economy. The smartest among us even manage to save up enough to stand down and live comfortably for years without having to work.
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