Chelody Chimes In: Our Fishy Friends

Enslaved murlocs in the Red Reaches

Enslaved murlocs in the Red Reaches

by Chelody Smallwing

There is a tragedy happening on shores across the world.

No matter what race you might be, there is one thing we all have in common. A desire to be free. From Night Elf to Forsaken, none among us wish to be enslaved to another’s will and we have fought back many a would be conqueror in order to preserve our freedom. Yet as you read this the murlocs of the Red Reaches and Greengill coast still live in chains, made to work for their scaly naga overlords.

It pains this writer to imagine what life must be like for the youngest of the murlocs. Baby tadpoles fresh from the water forced to join their parents as soon as they have legs, never understanding what it is like to swim free from the chains of servitude. That is a fate no child should suffer.
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