The Bloomin’ Paper is an Order of the Rose (Feathermoon/US) production, brought to you by:

  • Chelody Smallwing (ChelodySmallwing), the Mother Rose, the Head Honcho, the Big Kahuna, the Lady of All Things Healy, the Artist Formally Known as Chelotree, our Wise and Fearless Leader, Guild Master of the Order of the Rose!
  • Shaila Viridiant (viridiant), Rose Keeper, mother of two, owner of far too many pets, zany super scout. Recently Worgenified. Possibly has fleas.
  • Betria Eilyn Tallrock (Holtzmann), dwarven editor, tinkerer, hunter, recently graduated as a mage. Bakes a hell of a beercake, 120-proof.
  • Duerma Whistlescrew-Coilbrush (Saathei), gnome in charge of addons. Half-narcoleptic, half-hyperactive, fully awesome.
  • Hinote Kirase (kirase), human warlock. Really, really good with fire.

More people to be added to this list as the posts come in!


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