Love Corner: Beastly Trouble

by Chelody Smallwing and Malandrae Moonwhisper

Hello everyone and welcome to the Love Corner, your exclusive advice column for all of your romantic conundrums! Our resident love experts, Miss Chelody Smallwing and Miss Malandrae Moonwhisper, are here to help you with even the most burning questions.

This week, we’ve selected a letter from one of our local readers in the city of Stormwind. It seems the poor dear has a beastly problem! Let’s see what she had to say…

Dear Love Corner,

I feel so embarrassed writing this, but I just don’t know where else to turn! I’m a twenty three year old woman who lives in Stormwind. I have a lovely job in a local clothier’s shop and have lived here for years. About seven months ago while visiting one of the local coffee shops I ran into a wonderful man who had been there visiting some friends. After talking for some time that evening, we immediately hit it off and began seeing each other regularly.

Things were perfect for the longest time; I cannot even tell you how happy I was with him. He would take me places and we had many hobbies and interests in common! It seemed to be a perfect romance! Recently though things have taken a turn for the worse.

It all started when we moved in together. At first I thought it would be great, but immediately some things started to nag at me. I had always known that he was from Gilneas, but I never really put two and two together until I lived in close proximity with him. He’s a worgen!

Now, I don’t have a problem with having a hulking wolf-man for a boyfriend, not at all! But… well, sometimes he comes home covered in hair that he’s shed and tracks it everywhere. Also he’s one of THOSE types of worgen that can’t seem to transform without tearing his clothes to shreds! Also, I know I’m a seamstress, but really I should not be expected to sew all of his things back together after he does this, should I?

Finally, at least three days a month I simply CANNOT get him to pay any attention to me! All he wants to do is go run off into the forest and howl at the moon. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I’ve tried dressing sexy for him, talking to him about it, everything. And he just keeps DOING it!

Please, I’m at my wits end. I really really like this guy, but I don’t know if I can take seeing any more gouges in my furniture or use a lint brush on my dress one more time. What can I do? Any advice at all would be great!

A Beast of a Problem

–  ♥    ♥    ♥  –

First a word from Miss Chelody Smallwing:

Dear Beast of a Problem,

They say the first real test of any serious relationship is living together. That is when all the disguises come off, and couples see each other for who they really are. After all, its hard to keep up a mask of perfection full time. One of the worst things we can do however is keep our concerns to ourselves. Have you tried speaking to him about his casual disregard for his clothing? Make sure that he knows you do not appreciate having to sew up everything when he decides fluff out! Of course, don’t say these things in anger- simply let him know that you feel put upon constantly having to patch up his clothes when he could just as easy remove them, then transform. If this is too much of a hassle- (I.E he is in combat a lot) perhaps suggest he wears larger clothing to fit his changing form, or possibly items of clothing that stretch large and wider. I know there are wizards who can enchant items like that. Hopefully it isn’t too pricey!

Now, as an owner of lots and lots of pets and kids (and currently with a worgen myself!)… I can sympathize with your plight. Worgen fur is very coarse and hard to get out. However! sticky parchment paper can work wonders. Unfortunately- this is one of those problems that won’t exactly go away. The best you can do is encourage him to be more mindful of the fur and mud he brings in, and ask him to share some of the cleaning burden. After all, more hands make a load lighter!

For your monthly problem… well, why not see this as an opportunity to get some time to yourself? While he is off having a howling good time, you go get drinks with friends! Enjoy having a bed to yourself, curl up with a good book and leave the lantern on as long as you like! Besides, once a month we often get a bit scary and howly ourselves, right? Seems only fair!

Compromise is the core of harmony. Every relationship has its challenges really, but they can be overcome with communication and understanding. If you feel as strongly for this man as you say you do, you may have to take some steps and endure a few things that are difficult. He will shed, and he will be rather enthralled with the lunar cycle.

But this doesn’t mean you alone have to deal with it. He should be willing to pull his share of the load!

Anyways, I hope this helps!

–  ♥    ♥    ♥  –

And now Miss Malandrae Moonwhisper:

Dear Beast,

Wow! That totally sounds like a pretty serious problem, but it ALSO sounds like a pretty serious relationship! So let’s see what we can do to save it!

So, your clothes! Like you said yourself, it’s super fun to have a hulking wolf-man for a boyfriend, but not so fun to deal with all that fur! My advice to you is to go shopping of course! You need to find some new dresses and clothing that will help avoid the fur in the first place, that way you don’t feel like it’s such a bother. I would recommend either a more sheer fabric like a silk that the hair cannot cling to, or a tightly knit fabric with fibers that are less coarse so that the hair cannot easily get stuck! Trust me on this one, you can totally get some great outfits that will look fantastic without so much cleanup!

Next, lets talk about his torn clothing! Instead of looking at this as a problem, look at it as an OPPORTUNITY. Let’s be honest now, how many of us have wanted to ‘help’ a little with the way our loved ones dress? I know I have! Every time he destroys some of his clothes…well, that’s a chance for you to buy him something completely new. And if you’re the one going out to get the things, he’ll have those dream outfits you’ve always wanted to see him in in no time. You’ll be able to show him off at family events and everyone will tell you what a nice young man you’ve found! This is a great plan, trust me!

Lastly, your monthly problem. This is a tough one, but I have to ask you this…have you tried using this as an opportunity to spend some more time together? Perhaps you could join him in the forest and get to know a little more about the things he likes? Who knows, maybe you will even enjoy the time spent together so much that you’ll want to become a worgen yourself! Nothing tells your loved ones that you support them more than spending some time doing the things they like, or joining in with them!

Anyway, I hope this advice helps. It sounds like you two really care for one another and THAT is the most important thing of all right? I wish you two the best of luck!