Duerma’s Void Storage Preview!

by Duerma Whistlescrew-Coilbrush

Hi guys! I’m totally excited to tell you about this new crazy thing!

So, earlier this month I was totally at a business conference with Pizmo at the Stormspire! You remember those ethereal Consortium guys, all bandages with energy inside? They’ve totally just been chilling in Outland, maybe because moving in on goblin business markets is tough or something. I dunno! But they have come up with a couple new services that are totally unlike anything the gobbos can give us! One is transmogrification, which I can discuss in a later post! The other, though, is…

Void Storage

I totally eavesdropped on their business meetings so I could give you all the skinny!

  • First off, it’s totally not cheap to use. If you want to get your very own Void Storage unit, it’s gonna cost you 1000G! And if you want to put anything in it, it’s another 100G per item on top of that! And, if you want to get anything out of it, it’s another 100G! So make sure that whatever you put in there, you really don’t want to touch for a long time, or ever!
  • All your items have to be soulbound, fully repaired, and not-unique! The first two should be totally self explanatory. The last one, though, is a doozy! In general, unique items are things rewarded from quests and not purchased or picked off a dead baddie! Many holiday items are considered to be unique, too! There are tons of exceptions to this rule, though, so the best thing to do is to look at the tag or whatever (you know, where it says “Made in Kezan” or something?) and see if it actually says “Unique” on it. You’ll be surprised at what you find!
  • The item does not have to pump up your vital statistics! So, while Void Storage is most useful for storing armor or whatever, I could totally deposit a Hallowed Wand in there with no trouble! Tabards are totally fine too! Well, most tabards, at least!
  • The item can’t stack! So if you were planning on stuffing your Hallow’s End candy or Chaos Orbs or whatever in there, you can forget it!
  • Even though Old Crafty and Old Ironjaw totally fit the above requirements, I couldn’t put them in storage. FISH DISCRIMINATION, I SAY!!

Ethereals for Void Storage and Transmogrification!
Keep in mind, you guys, that all this is totally a work in progress! If you’re unhappy with the current implementation, then you can totally write a letter to the ethereals here! I know I am – the “Unique” thing and the costs are totally uncool, in my opinion! With any luck, they’ll totally take this feedback and tweak the whole void storage thing to maximize its awesomeness!!


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