EXTRA! The Rose Ball ’11 Photo Album!

Late Night Update: we at the Bloomin’ Paper have been receiving pictures taken by other people at the Ball! Send yours in to be published by putting up a link to them in the comments section just below or send an e-mail to holtzmanneffect on GMail!

* * * * *

Our hired cameramage has just sent us freshly-developed pictures from the Rose Ball ’11, so this will be an Extra edition of the Bloomin’ Paper, in special glossy paper and full-color images all over!

As a note: our photographer had just arrived from Outlands and had no idea of who was who at the ball, so if you didn’t show up in any of the pictures, rest assured it wasn’t personal. Also, he was forced to wear earphones throughout most of the event, meaning that if you tried to say something and was ignored, it also also completely not personal.

Anyway, flip the page and enjoy some of the highlights from the event!

(Click on the pictures to see a slightly bigger version!)


The Order of the Rose would like to thank all who attended! It was your presence that made the Rose Ball the success it was!

5 thoughts on “EXTRA! The Rose Ball ’11 Photo Album!

  1. These are amazingly good quality photoshoots! Especially the ones with Florinai in them. Top job!

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