ANNOUNCEMENT: the Rose Ball ’11!

We laugh in the face of massive elementium-plated draconic underbites!"


Tell original stories for the delight of the Rose Ball attendees! With a theme to be announced at the time of the event, let’s see how good you guys are at making up stories on the spot!

Pet Show!
Think your pet is awesome enough to impress our judges? Let your scaly, furry, feathery friends strut their stuff at the Rose Pet Show II!
From your trusty steed to pet pug, all are welcome!

Fishing Contest!
20 minutes to fish up as much as you can from the delta right next to Mar’at. All rods/equipment/enchants are okay. Rarity of the fish determines the points they are worth, whoever has the most points wins a fabulous prize! Runners-up will also receive a trophy of some kind!

Dueling Tournament!
A perennial favorite, warriors from all across Azeroth come to test their mettle against the finest each faction has to offer! Do you have what it takes to stand at the end and wave your banner of choice?
(Medical assistance will be provided in case of missing spleens or other combat injuries.)

Larkspur Girls Concert!
The lovely buskers of Stormwind serenade party goers with an extra special live concert!

A battle of wits and cunning, put your intelligence to the test!

Quiz Show!
How much do you know about your world? Prove it!

What ball isn’t complete without an explosive farewell?

The big “Thank you!” from all the Rose members for attending our party.
First prize this year is the Vial of the Sands!

* * * * *

Note to attendees: the Rose Ball is being recorded for posterity! If you see an Order of the Rose member carrying a Gnomecorder or a Super Snapper FX and /pointing at you, remember to look fancy and say “cheese”! A selection of the best pictures and/or footage will be made available to the public following the Ball!

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