Duerma’s Walkthrough of the Molten Front!

Molten Front, by Neutronimity @ Wowhead

by Neutronimity @ Wowhead

by Duerma Whistlescrew-Coilbrush

Hi guys! It’s been about 3 weeks since we started fighting on Hyjal! At first it seems pretty straightforward, but then you have to pick factions to help! And gathering all those Marks of the World Tree takes a REALLY long time! It’d be nice to know when you are FINALLY going to get that sweet item you’ve been eyeing since forever. Well, never fear! Whether you are nearly done or just starting, this handy-dandy guide is for YOU!

Getting started
First off, you have to have been to Hyjal before. They aren’t just going to let any schmuck off the street go to the Firelands, you know! Make sure you’ve helped out to the point that you’ve helped regrow the vegetation in the burned area! If you’ve gotten that done, then you’ll see a posting on the Call to Arms board titled, Guardians of Hyjal: Firelands Invasion! Accept the call and get your patootey to Hyjal!

Day 1
I totally don’t want to spoil anything for you, so I won’t tell you what happens in detail! But I CAN tell you that you will be helping clear the way to the Firelands! You will start receiving Marks when you rescue some druids out in the field (6), and then you will get some more when you help Malfurion with a very special ritual (10)!

You will then have a couple daily quests available to you – Rage Against The Flames (1 Mark) and then one of 5 different quests that has you helping animals or getting in touch with nature! (Depending on the quest, you may be able to work toward a couple achievements today, by helping animals get revenge on the Firelands invaders and by gathering lots of birds really fast.) Each of these 5 quests actually has two parts – the second part requires summoning some big bad guy and then kicking his butt! (If you can kick his butt without getting hit by his special attack, you will make progress toward another achievement!) The animal helping and butt-kicking together reward 3 Marks, for a total of 4 Marks from the dailies at first.

Good news – with the 16 Marks you had before plus the 4 Marks you just got from dailies, you are now ready to help Malfurion open the way to the Firelands! After a brief aside with tragic consequences that I’m totally not even going to tell you about, you will follow Malfurion through his portal and beat off bad guys for a bit. The reward for your efforts? 15 Marks and more daily quests! Yaaaaay! And as if THAT weren’t enough, there’s totally a troll ready to sell you stuff – plate tanking boots, a caster necklace, an AGI ring, and a STR DPS necklace! Plus, there are tons of people to have a Fireside Chat with if you are into achievements.

Anyway! There at the Molten Front, every day you will be healing burn victims (2 Marks), fighting fire elementals (2 Marks), killing some other kind of Firelands baddie (2 Marks), and either growing stranglevines or closing portals with a wisp (2 Marks). That’s 8 Marks you will earn every day in the Molten Front! Plus, if you like achievements, you can go kill a Molten Behemoth without getting hit by his special attack, and you can go kill spiders until they pull you to the top of their mountain!

You’re not quite done with your first day yet, though! Go back through the portal and you will get the Protectors of Hyjal quest. You get to go to Sethira’s Roost with some druids and some celebrity you’ve probably worked with before, and then kick some fiery butt! TOTALLY FUN. And worth 2 marks! There are also a couple achievements to get here – there is one for waving at famous people, winning a duel while you have all your helpers, and killing special monsters that are only around every so often.

Thus, at the end of your first day, you should have 25 marks, even after spending 20 of them! That’s pretty great! You will have also made progress on at least two achievements and probably many more! Awesome!

Days 2-9
Just keep going back and working on the daily quests! If you did everything you are supposed to do on Day 1 and you are diligent with your daily quests, you will get to choose a faction on Day 10!

Day 10
Now is the day where you have to choose a faction! Exciting! But how the heck do you know which to open? Truth is, it doesn’t matter TOO much because each will give you the same number of Marks and neither opens a vendor! But, there are a couple compelling reasons for each!

Choose Druids of the Talon if you…

  • like achievements. You will have 3 more people to talk to for Fireside Chat (as opposed to the Wardens’ one), be able to become a Master of the Molten Flow, and begin bombing runs to administer Death From Above! The last one in particular will take many days to complete, as you don’t always get to go bombing and when you do, there’s only one fire elemental dude around, so the sooner you start, the better.
  • love Anren and Tholo. Seriously, how cute are they?
  • you hate spiders and do not want to see them. The Wardens have you killing them every day.

If you choose the Druids, keep an eye out for Anren Shadowseeker while you are fighting the Flamewakers. Escort him to safety for 5 Marks, and then he’ll have a quest for you to do each day! Yay!

Choose the Shadow Wardens if…

  • you like the feel of secret missions!
  • you hate platforming – you have to do lots of jumping for the Druids.
  • hate spiders or Druids of the Flame so much that you want to kill them every day!
  • want quests that are a little easier and go a little quicker.

If you choose the Wardens, look for an acorn on the ground after killing a Druid of the Flame. Take this back to the main camp, and then you’ll get to help take care of a little crimson lashling each day! Cute!

Whatever you choose, you will get 11 more Marks per day, for a total of 25 Marks per day! Yay! And at the end of Day 10, you should have 17 Marks left over.

Days 11-15
Enjoy your new quests, but don’t neglect the old ones! You want to make sure you are getting your 25 Marks per day!

Day 16
Today, you get to unlock the faction that you didn’t already unlock! Yay! If you have been keeping up with all your dailies, you ought to be able to unlock the next faction without having to begin your first faction’s quests. This is super important – you can’t quest for both the Druids AND the Wardens on the same day! If you complete your faction quests before you open the next one today, you won’t get to see the new content until tomorrow.

Everything else you need to know was covered on Day 10! You’ll get to complete the other special quest for 5 more Marks and another daily, bringing your new daily total to 26 Marks per day! You will also get to talk to the last person or people for Fireside Chat! Yay! At the end of this day, if you followed my instructions, you should have 23 Marks. If you messed up and did all the dailies before opening the new faction, you should have 17 Marks.

Days 17-19
Keep doing your dailies! Remember, though, that you only get to quest for one faction – it doesn’t matter which, though, so just pick your favorite!

Day 20 (or 21 if you messed up on Day 16)
Now is the REALLY EXCITING choice!! You get to unlock a vendor with cool stuff and more quests! But how on earth do you know which to unlock first? By reading this guide, duh! Here’s the skinny on each of them!

Additional Armaments

Calling the Ancients

Filling the Moonwell

  • Short questline that rewards no marks but completes the Leyara story. In addition, you get Leyara’s Locket which turns you into a Druid of the Flame for 5 minutes.
  • No new dailies, but the 15 mark head start means you’ll unlock the next stage on Day 25 (whether or not you messed up Day 16).

Day 24 or 25 (depending on your choices)
Unlock another vendor! Everything you need to know is listed above! But you are probably wondering when you’re going to get to that last guy, right?

  • If you unlocked the armorer first, it’ll be day 28! (If you messed up Day 16, then choose the Moonwell to finish on Day 28; otherwise it’ll be Day 29 for you.)
  • If you unlocked the Ancients first, it’ll be day 28 if you then choose the Armorer, or day 29 if you choose the Moonwell.
  • If you unlocked the Moonwell first, it’ll be day 29!

Upon unlocking your 3rd vendor, be it Day 28 or 29, you will complete The Molten Front Offensive and receiving your Flameward Hippogryph!! TOTALLY EXCITING! Enjoy your flamey birdy!

2 thoughts on “Duerma’s Walkthrough of the Molten Front!

  1. Very nice guide! I am almost done and was curious to see how I was doing, but all the wikis around only lists the names of these quests! A walk-through was perfect–thank you!

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