Chelody Chimes In: Our Fishy Friends

Enslaved murlocs in the Red Reaches

Enslaved murlocs in the Red Reaches

by Chelody Smallwing

There is a tragedy happening on shores across the world.

No matter what race you might be, there is one thing we all have in common. A desire to be free. From Night Elf to Forsaken, none among us wish to be enslaved to another’s will and we have fought back many a would be conqueror in order to preserve our freedom. Yet as you read this the murlocs of the Red Reaches and Greengill coast still live in chains, made to work for their scaly naga overlords.

It pains this writer to imagine what life must be like for the youngest of the murlocs. Baby tadpoles fresh from the water forced to join their parents as soon as they have legs, never understanding what it is like to swim free from the chains of servitude. That is a fate no child should suffer.

There are many of us who whom have had little interaction with murlocs that did not result to the use of weapons and destructive magic, and most would say that the enslavement of murlocs is none of their concern. Murlocs are dumb and delicious at the best of times- downright dangerous at the worst.

More often that not they are used as food and armor, whole communities destroyed at a whim. Little is thought of it, after all they are just murlocs. But murlocs have clans and families. Murlocs care for their tadpoles and trade within their villages. Some even use clams as currency. They work with coral, shell, and stone to create wondrous things like statues and tapestries, and many clans worship a being known as the Deep Mother. (No word yet if this is fatty snake queen Azshara.)

Now, you the reader might be saying to yourself “Sure, this is bad but… what can I do? I’m just one humanoid!” Well it only takes one person standing up to start a reaction. Why, even the smallest effort helps! Here is a small list of things an individual can do to help the plight of the murloc.

    1. Refuse to use any murloc products. Soups, soaps, comestic products made from murloc slime, pickled murloc eyeballs, scales, It isn’t hard to find substitutes for these things.
    2. Talk to friends. You can spread the word about murloc injustice and maybe get them to consider changing their everyday lifestyle.
    3. Inform yourself. Find out what companies exploit murlocs and boycott their products!
    4. Fund mercenary teams to free enslaved murlocs instead of murdering them for Westfall Stew!

These are just a few simple things you can do to make the world a better place for this developing race. Together, we can show the murlocs a better tomorrow. And in the end my dear reader, isn’t that what we all want for ourselves?


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