Deathwing: A Survival Guide

Deathwing's Attack on Stormwind Left Damage We Are Still Repairing

“Look out! Deathwing is coming!”
“Oh no! A dragon!”
“Oh dear Light, what is that?!”

Above are just a few of the warning shouts you might hear if Deathwing is making his way to your location. What do you do when he’s on his way? What do you do when he’s there? What do you do after he’s left? I’ll answer all of these questions to the best of my experience in this article!

First, a little bit of background on Deathwing. His true name is Neltharion, and thousands and thousands of millions of years ago he was empowered by the Titans to watch over Azeroth. Specifically, he was empowered to watch over everything having to do with the ground we walk on. He was in charge of the mountain ranges, the volcanoes, the earthquakes, and all that good stuff. He was also best buddies with Malygos. Does that name sound familiar to you? If it does, you’re probably a mage! Yes, Malygos was the insane dragon who tried to kill all mages. Or destroy all mages. Or something, I don’t know. That whole mess was confusing and I’m not a mage*. Who drove Malygos insane, though? Deathwing of course!

You see, around the time of the War of the Ancients Deathwing thought it would be a fantastic idea to trick all the other dragons into empowering an item called the Dragon Soul. He said they could use it to fight the Burning Legion. And well, that’s how it started. But then Deathwing turned it against the dragons and killed a ton of them, particularly a ton of blue dragons. Losing so much of his brood at the hands of his best friend caused Malygos to go insane and neglect doing his job forever. On the bright side, they managed to turn the Dragon Soul (renamed the Demon Soul) against Deathwing himself, causing his body to nearly burst with his own power and making it so that he could never touch the Demon Soul again. This is also when his name changed from Neltharion to Deathwing, and also when he got those fancy plates affixed to his skin.

Then a few years back he got his butt kicked by the aspects and it seems he went even eviller. And now he’s back, and making things a huge hassle for the rest of us.

Now for advice to help save your life!

What To Do When Deathwing is Coming:

So, it’s happening. You see an ominous black mass on the horizon, and it’s moving way too fast for a storm cloud. It’s Deathwing, and it looks like you’re in his path.

I hope you’re a quick thinker, or with one, because Deathwing flies fast.

1) Look around you: Are the people you care about with you, or running away in a panic? If they’re with you, good! Move on to step 2! If they’re running in a panic, that is bad and they will probably die. I mentioned Deathwing was fast, right? Well I meant it. He is fast. And he is thorough. He will be spewing fire from that mouth of his soon, and he will cover as much of the surface in his path as he can. And you will not be able to run out of his way in time. Yell for your friends to stop. Grab them if they’re still in reach. If they are out of your reach, I’m sorry, but in a situation like this you have to think about yourself first. If you run after them, you will likely all die instead of just your friends.

2) Find shelter. Acceptable shelter is: Stone Structures. Dwarven Burrows. Holes in the ground. Unacceptable shelter is: Wooden Houses. Water (It will boil). Steam Tanks (they will turn into ovens and you will be cooked alive). Goblin Houses (They are likely full of bombs and will probably explode).

If there are no acceptable shelters in sight? Go back to that running in a panic thing. Run in a panic as fast as you can out of his path and hope for the best. If you have a flying mount of some sort, use it.

What do you do when he’s there?

1) Stay in your shelter. Make sure all openings to the outside are blocked, or his fire may find its way into your shelter. If you are caught outside, stop drop and roll. You will very likely sustain horrible and permanent burn injuries, but you might as well do your best to minimize the damage.

What do you do after he’s left?

1) Tend to any injured inside the shelter. Know first aid. Use first aid.

2) Make sure he has left. That roaring you hear might be his fire, or it might be him. Be careful that you don’t open your door or climb out of your hole to a fresh wave of fire.

3) If you are trapped by fire, follow your basic fire safety rules. Deathwing’s fire is hotter and more forceful, but otherwise it behaves just like normal fire. Be very careful not to breathe too much of that smoke.

4) Aid anyone that you can. Perform more first aid on people outside your shelter. If others are trapped, pitch in to help get them out.

5) Now is the time to help put out those fires. Minimize the damage to the local buildings and environment as much as you can. It doesn’t look like Deathwing’s going to be leaving anytime soon, and he will likely make a return visit someday to whatever location you’re in. So we gotta make our territories last as long as possible, which means hard work and frequent work. We all need to work together here. Repairs and saving others could take several days, so remember to keep yourself hydrated, well fed and well rested. Working yourself to death won’t make things any easier for the others.

And that’s it. There are a lot of dangers in Azeroth these days, but Deathwing is one of the worst. I hope this will prove to be helpful to a few of you. But more than that, I hope none of you will ever have to use this advice! I’ve had the displeasure of encountering Deathwing once so far. I hope that’s my only time.

(* It’s basically just that, really – the Editor)

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