Duerma’s Walkthrough of the Molten Front!

Molten Front, by Neutronimity @ Wowhead

by Neutronimity @ Wowhead

by Duerma Whistlescrew-Coilbrush

Hi guys! It’s been about 3 weeks since we started fighting on Hyjal! At first it seems pretty straightforward, but then you have to pick factions to help! And gathering all those Marks of the World Tree takes a REALLY long time! It’d be nice to know when you are FINALLY going to get that sweet item you’ve been eyeing since forever. Well, never fear! Whether you are nearly done or just starting, this handy-dandy guide is for YOU!

Getting started
First off, you have to have been to Hyjal before. They aren’t just going to let any schmuck off the street go to the Firelands, you know! Make sure you’ve helped out to the point that you’ve helped regrow the vegetation in the burned area! If you’ve gotten that done, then you’ll see a posting on the Call to Arms board titled, Guardians of Hyjal: Firelands Invasion! Accept the call and get your patootey to Hyjal!
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Chelody Chimes In: Our Fishy Friends

Enslaved murlocs in the Red Reaches

Enslaved murlocs in the Red Reaches

by Chelody Smallwing

There is a tragedy happening on shores across the world.

No matter what race you might be, there is one thing we all have in common. A desire to be free. From Night Elf to Forsaken, none among us wish to be enslaved to another’s will and we have fought back many a would be conqueror in order to preserve our freedom. Yet as you read this the murlocs of the Red Reaches and Greengill coast still live in chains, made to work for their scaly naga overlords.

It pains this writer to imagine what life must be like for the youngest of the murlocs. Baby tadpoles fresh from the water forced to join their parents as soon as they have legs, never understanding what it is like to swim free from the chains of servitude. That is a fate no child should suffer.
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Duerma’s Addon Extravaganza: Overachiever!

by Duerma Whistlescrew-Coilbrush

Hi everybody! It’s time to look at another totally awesome addon! This week’s addon is called Overachiever! One of my favorite things to do is to try to get shiny achievements for stuff, and this addon makes it way totally easier!

To be honest, I’ve been using this for so long that I feel totally lost if I don’t have it for some reason! It’s just so stinking useful! My favorite part about it is that it integrates seamlessly with the existing interface, so there’s no difficult learning curve or weird options to figure out – you just get it and go!

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Deathwing: A Survival Guide

Deathwing's Attack on Stormwind Left Damage We Are Still Repairing

“Look out! Deathwing is coming!”
“Oh no! A dragon!”
“Oh dear Light, what is that?!”

Above are just a few of the warning shouts you might hear if Deathwing is making his way to your location. What do you do when he’s on his way? What do you do when he’s there? What do you do after he’s left? I’ll answer all of these questions to the best of my experience in this article!

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