Editorial: How Hard Can It Be?

by Betria Eilyn Tallrock

First, a little story:

A couple weeks ago, I was invited back to the Explorers’ League after a successful run as a diplomat for Ironforge. Some would consider that a step down, but I leaped at the opportunity. Personally, I’d much rather dig up for artifacts and teach archaeology classes than try to negotiate for hours with hardheaded and/or conniving leaders just to get a minor trade deal. That’s no work for a dwarf!

I now earn slightly less money, but I’m not bouncing all over Azeroth and beyond every day. I also rediscovered the concept of “free time”. After so many months teleporting all over the place, being able to simply sit down and do nothing was fun! Well, at first. I needed something productive to do, beyond tinkering, cracking the secrets of the arcane (long story) and occasionally joining groups of heroes to destroy all-powerful evil forces (even longer story). Inspiration struck me as I was flipping through an old copy of the Daily Blink I had kicking around the workshop. Sure, it was stained with oil and half-burnt after my latest tweak to the ol’ flying machine (long story…), but that was something I could do: write journal articles!

Sure, no journals I could find needed writers at the time. So, I decided to ask the question dwarven sages have been asking since time immemorial: “how hard can it be?”, and start my own journal! In hindsight, dwarven sages who asked that question usually ended up mauled, on fire, or stuck in a ditch. “Usually” is still good odds for a dwarf, though.

Of course, I quickly hit the slight hitch that I’m only one dwarf, and not a particularly productive one when it comes to writing. So I presented my idea to my guild: The Order of the Rose, leading philanthropic organization, creators of the yearly Rose Ball and all-around great people. Got myself some good writers, assembled the required machinery for a printing studio (100% gnomish engineering there), then everybody started working! This wasn’t just my little pet project anymore, the Rose would have its very own news publication!

Finally, we’re here! You have our journal in your hands! All high-quality paper and ink, plus high-quality content! We all hope you enjoy what we have to offer!

Betria Tallrock, Editor
~Betria Eilyn Tallrock, Editor, Explorers’ League scholar and proud member of the Order of the Rose

PS: why “The Bloomin’ Paper”? Well… let’s say I ran out of patience trying to come up with a good name, shouted “what are we gonna call this bloomin’ paper!”, and the exclamation of frustration stuck…


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